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Rocket Engineering’s project experience includes concept design of propulsion systems, supply chain identification, provision of technical support to flight programmes, interim project and programme management, and R&D into advanced space propulsion, from proposal writing, through to project delivery and roadmapping…

Highlights of project work carried out by Rocket Engineering:


SuperMagdrive is a project funded by the UK Space Agency, and in partnership with Magdrive Ltd and Oxford University’s Centre for Applied Superconductivity CfAS. This was funded in part through a UK Space Agency National Space Technology Programme Pathfinder Grant, between November 2020 and April 2021. Find out more about SuperMagdrive in our case study report.



(Roadmap for fusion space propulsion. Client: UK Space Agency National Space Technology Programme, Grant for Exploratory Idea)


Study into fusion energy based space propulsion using UK compact spherical tokamak technology (partnership with: Cranfield University  / Prof. Bob Parkinson, Imperial College London / Dr. Aaron Knoll, Tokamak Energy)




Small lab bench hybrid rocket engine demonstrator with Cranfield University.

CranHybrid Test firing Still1_T+22s.jpg


Development of a small composite liquid oxygen tank , with Geodome Ltd, testing at Kingston University London

(sectioned tank after rapid thermal chilldown containing LOx. Partner: Geodome Ltd)


Bipropellant rocket engine research and development at Kingston University London

(Prototype vortex flow rocket engine developed with PhD Candidate Jack James Marlow)


High Thrust Apogee Engine (HTAE) interim project management & materials selection technical support.

1.5kN storable propellant HTAE. Client: Moog-Isp Westcott, now Nammo-Westcott)


Study into environmental impacts of expendable launch vehicles

(client: Logica CMG UK)