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Space Propulsion Working Group

SPWG is an industry / academic / government body set up in 2011 with the purpose of Increasing the UK’s competitiveness in delivering space propulsion systems globally.

Rocket Engineering through its technical director Dr. Adam Baker was a founding member of this group and chaired the group in 2015 after Oli Lane from SSTL. Since 2015 the Chair has been held by Adam Watts from Nammo, Bill Bentall at Airbus Defence & Space in Stevenage, and is currently chaired by Andy Devereaux of Thales Alenia Space UK.


For contact details of how to engage with the current working Group which is open to all with an interest in the field, please contact us.


If you are a startup or small company with new ideas in propulsion, looking for funding or development partners, we may be able to help. We have provided support to numerous UK SMEs making a start in the challenging space sector since our formation. We hope there may be many more opportunities to help.

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