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Rocket Engineering provides teaching support to the Cranfield University M.Sc in Astronautics & Space Engineering. We can also offer Short-courses (see end of this page)

Further information on the world reknowned Cranfield course can be found at:

Rocket Engineering’s contributions to the course at Cranfield include:

  • Propulsion Fundamentals: Systems classification, Nozzle flows, Off-design considerations (under/over-expanded flows), Thermochemistry.

  • Space Propulsion Systems and Performance: Propellants and combustion, Solid and liquid propellant systems, Engine cycles: Spacecraft propulsion – orbit raising, station-keeping and attitude control, Propellant management at low-g – alternative storage and delivery systems: Electric propulsion, Separately-powered rocket performance, Low thrust manoeuvres, Thruster concepts and configurations

  • Launch Vehicle Performance: Mission requirements, Vehicle dynamics, Tsiolkovski rocket equation, Launch vehicle sizing & multi-staging, Illustrative launcher performance (Scout, Ariane, Shuttle programmes) – launch site / range safety constraints, Geostationary orbit acquisition.

  • Expendable Launch Vehicles – Current Options: Vehicle design summaries, Orbital transfer vehicles, Comparative launch costs, Reusable launchers.

  • Reusable launchers and advanced propulsion including air breathing and nuclear.


Short Courses

On request, we can also offer short courses in collaboration with Catena Space and UK Launch Services

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