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About us

Exploring space and operating in the space environment is fundamentally a propulsion problem. Whether your need is to go from Earth’s surface to orbit, to move between orbits, or traveling beyond the Earth into the solar system, you will require a propulsion system to deliver ‘deltaV’ to your vehicle.

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Our Experience

Rocket Engineering Ltd is an Engineering consultancy specialising in space propulsion systems and related equipment. We have experience working with electric and chemical approaches to propulsion, low thrust spacecraft propulsion and high thrust launch vehicle propulsion, and the space propulsion supply chain across the UK… Read More

Our services include concept design of propulsion systems, supply chain identification, technical support to flight programmes, interim project and programme management, and space propulsion R&D including proposal writing, project delivery and roadmapping.


We also support academic and industry short course training for new entrants to the space industry… Read More


Our Services

Our Connections

Rocket Engineering are privileged to have worked with, and continue to work with small and larger companies across the UK and internationally, to support the UK”s competitiveness in delivering space propulsion systems. Some of our clients and partners include:

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